About Cooking Class

Yuka is offering you and your friends the opportunity to learn how to make traditional, fresh and delicious Japanese dishes in the comfort of your own home. If you are interested to learn how to make simple yet rewarding meals then this class is for you.

Yuka is an experienced chef who runs her own cafe. She is best known for her take on the authentic Japanese food that she grew up with, making predominately vegan meals and including nutritious grains that aren't usually used. Her recipes and cooking methods result in healthy, speedy and no fuss dishes that anyone can achieve once they know the basics.

She is passionate about creating healthy dishes that have huge in flavour whilst also being good for you. Unwilling to sacrifice tasty food for nutrition, each of the meals she will be teaching you provide both! In order to offer dishes that are wholly beneficial, she offers mainly vegan recipes but also includes lean fish dishes that are popular in Japanese cuisine. All dishes include seasonal ingredients that are easily sourced and local.

The classes will teach you various skills in Japanese cooking such as which ingredients are best to use, which methods of preparation to use and the healthiest ways to cook the food. For those who lead busy lifestyles, Yuka can also teach people how to cook quick meals that are still healthy and taste delicious. Recipes can be provided for you to follow so you can cook again in the future, and will show you in detail how to achieve great results in your kitchen every time!

If you are curious about Yuka's cooking style and the kind of food she makes, she also offers function catering for small to large events.




  • 1 person $99.00
  • 2 persons $140.00
  • 3 persons $190.00
  • 4 persons $225.00
  • 5 persons $255.00
  • 6 persons $265.00

Class prices are excluding ingredients. Depending on your meal choices and the number of people, produce will be bought and charged at a discount price.

For each class, you will be able to choose two entrees and one main dish from the menu to make.



Menu choices will vary depending on the season.


  • Miso soup (making dashi)
  • Onigiri (basic rice balls)
  • Cucumber salad / Seaweed salad
  • Teriyaki tofu salad
  • Tamagoyaki (thinly folded egg)
  • Ingen goma ae (green beans in sesame soy sauce)
  • Nasu dengaku (miso glazed eggplant)
  • Rice paper roll
  • Iri doufu (crumbled tofu and vegetable)
  • Shira ae (mushed tofu with vegetable)
  • Agedashi doufu(deep fried tofu with dashi-based thick sauce)
  • Home made vegan kimchi


  • Okonomiyaki (japanese savoury pancake)
  • Kasaneni( layering macrobio c vegetables in pot according to age-old Yin & Yang)
  • Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings)
  • Spring roll (vegetarian or fish option)
  • Grain rice nori roll (organic tofu with vege / fresh salmon avocado / smoked salmon avocado / thinly folded egg with vege)
  • Chirashi sushi (home style sushi rice topped with a variety of colourful stuff [vegetarian or fish option])
  • Tofu karaage (deep fried japanese fried tofu)
  • Soba noodle soup (making dashi)
  • Sukiyaki udon noodle (stir-fried udon noodles with sukiyaki sauce)
  • Ramen noodle soup (vegan)
  • Fish saikyoyaki (fish cooked with saikyo miso)
  • Teriyaki tofu or fish (basic how to make teriyaki)
  • Ankake hot pot (cooked vegetable in the thick soup[vegetarian or fish option])


New dishes will be added

Check website for current menu online